Design by Leona

Design by Leona

Leona has a passion for the practice and the profession of design and continuely develops her skills and abilities to elevate the design experience of body, home and garden. She works in a positive and constructive relationship with you to create functional, coherent design, bringing elegance into your life.

Leona has trained under the guidance of Beverley Isbill, owner of Fashion Academy (N.Z) Ltd, since 1992. She specialises in THE PERSONAL STYLE CONCEPT; Colour Analysis, Bodyline and Style, Wardrobe Planning & Grooming, Skincare and Cosmetics.

Leona believes in practicing a personal approach of the Black Hat School, utilising her intuition and artistic skills. Working with colours and the existing items in your home or garden, reduces the need to purchase additional items. Her aesthetic is elegance.

As a Registered Landscape Architect, Leona aims to continue to learn and think in an integrated and interdisciplinary way about structure, function and change. Her design principles recognise the benefits of working with materials inspired by the local context in which we live. This approach minimises water usage and maintenance requirements, whilst promoting interest, nature and elegance.



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